Springtime!  A time of reawakening and reconnecting with our natural surroundings….in other words, a time to dig in the dirt after being cooped up all winter!  Early spring, in particular, presents an opportunity to tackle some tasks in the yard that will deliver long-term beauty and value.  One of those tasks is mulching.  Those first days of spring, as plants are just beginning their growth cycle, are an ideal time to mulch. It’s also before weeds have had a chance to germinate.

The benefits of mulching gardens, shrubbery and walkways are numerous. Here are 6 good reasons to get out and mulch:

Moisture Conservation – Mulch is far more efficient than dirt at slowing down moisture evaporation and keeping your plants from drying out. An as added benefit, improved water conservation means less frequent watering.

Weed Control – When applied deeply enough, a layer of mulch is a great defense against weeds.  Not only are they not able to germinate because of lack of sun, any weeds that do push through will be weak enough to be easily removed.  After multiple years of mulching, you’ll find fewer and fewer of these persistent weeds.

Healthier Soil – Many mulches provide the roots with valuable nutrients as they break down.  Poor soils can be greatly improved.

Temperature Control – Mulch is a wonderful climate control system for your soil, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Healthier Plants & Shrubs – A plant or shrub whose base is surrounded by mulch will do better than one surrounded by grass, which will rob the plant roots of nutrients.

Aesthetic Beauty – Mulch just looks pretty!  With the large variety of colors and textures to choose from, you can create a beautiful foundation on which to continue your landscape design.

What type of mulch you choose depends on many factors including preference, budget and functionality (different varieties have different strengths and weaknesses).  We love the natural beauty of stones of different color, native Cape Cod quahog shells or a variety of bark mulches.  In our next blog series, we’ll cover the benefits of these different varieties and tackle the 101 of best mulching practices.

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